About Dragonfly Labs

As the #1 advertising agency for small businesses, Dragonfly empowers you to focus on engaging your customers and growing your company.



Dragonfly was founded in 2012 as a result of one simple observation: advertising agencies ignore small to medium-sized businesses. This led Chaz Walter and Brent Mollet to create the vision for the first "big" agency for "small" businesses. We'll help you attract, engage, and retain more customers by working with you to create a marketing strategy that's relevant, practical, and professional. Dragonfly is on a mission to provide big agency services to every small and medium-sized business in the world.


We all live and breathe the Dragonfly culture: helping small businesses grow.

Brent Mollet


Brent spent his entire career running a multi-million dollar print company that served Fortune 2000 clients. In his spare time, Brent can be found traveling through the most remote areas in the world, searching for lost historical artifacts.

Karyn Corsa


Karyn was the missing piece at Dragonfly. She has spent her entire career as a brand manager and copywriter for agencies across the country. She enjoys traveling, sailing, and spending time with her two best dog friends, Abe & Ernie.

Dana McLaughlin

Partner/Office Manager

Dana is responsible for not only handling the day-to-day, but also keeping all of us in line. She has over 20 years experience in Human Resources, Corporate Management, and makes sure Dragonfly Labs runs both smoothly and efficiently.


We encourage every member of our staff to support local causes of their choice. From speaking to high school & college students to volunteering at veteran & retirement homes, we do as much we can to help out. Below are a few reasons why your company should get involed with your community.

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